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Location coordination with chat. Moving in groups? Trying to follow the leader in traffic? Did some laggards stop for munchies? Quick, easy, and safe connections with no registration hassle.

Share a unique channel name and a pseudonym with your friends and instantly see/chat/talk with each other in real time. Your real identity is never used and history can only be seen for less than a day.

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Example Uses

  • Road trips
    A natural replacement for the CB radio. Everyone knows where everyone else is and can notify each other of deviations (bathroom break, food break, cops, etc..).
  • Family Tracker
    Channels allow location and messages to be sent to only family members. Members can either "Check in" by posting a message or can leave enLegion in the foreground for constant monitoring (e.g., if running out to the store or picking up from airport) and communication.
  • Group Chat
    Broadcast messages and your location to large groups. Channels allow easy management of different sets of people.
  • Eating Meetings
    Lunch on the ski slopes? Late night snack after the club? See where, when, or if people are gathering. Channel messages are retained for a day so it's also possible to leave messages ("check in") in a channel for others to see at a later time.
  • Car Pool
    See where members are waiting and where driving members are picking people up.
  • Centralized Coordination
    An operator can see and guide participants in a channel based on their location.

Feature List

Map Based

See all channel members on a map and chat or speak to them.

Hands Free

  • Text-to-speech so you don't need to look at your phone to see messages
  • Push-to-talk so you don't need to type


Automatic routing using Google routing service to any channel member.

Automatic channel creation

Everyone in the same time and place (25m radius) will be put in the same channel.

Web Interface

Your non-iPhone friends can participate from any geolocation aware browser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox)


Disables itself when in background.
Channel Selection

Main Map

Point Actions


Members List